Welcome to Fall!

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I love fall!  It happens to be my favorite time of year.  There is something about the crisp air, the way the sunlight reflects and the changing colors that makes me happy.  I also know fall brings rain, sleet and snow.

Having lived in Kansas during my childhood, when the snow would come, the schools would close and we would stay home, not venturing out much in the weather.  Blizzards were deadly and not worth the risk to go out so I never learned how to drive in winter weather.

I can remember driving home from Denver one fall evening right before Darren and I got married.  A sudden storm had come in and dumped a few inches of snow on the ground.  The roads were getting hard to navigate and we almost were stuck on the side of the road.  Luckily, Darren was driving, but I learned a very valuable lesson that evening.  Having the proper set of tires is essential when driving in the snow.

I tend to put new tires on my car every couple of years.  It’s not because I love buying tires, I don’t!  It’s because I know we live in extreme driving conditions and I want to ensure I have adequate tread from the first snow in October until the last in May.

Winter driving is not typically fun.  I know I get a knot in my stomach every time the meteorologist mentions more than a skiff of snow in the forecast.   I also know that living in this beautiful state, its part of the experience.  I have to be willing to get out, go to work, run my errands, do all the things I need to do, whether or not there is snow on the ground.  Snow doesn’t shut the city down, I’m truly not in Kansas anymore.

Jamie Dodd, CPC
Owner, Autosmith Colorado Springs